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A Brief History of Valletta

The foundation stone of Valletta was laid by the Grandmaster of the Order of Saint John,Jean Parisot de la Valette , on 28 March 1566; The Order (which was the long-time ruler of the city and the island) decided to found a new city on the Sceberras penisula just after the end of the Great Siege of Malta, so as to fortify the Order's position in Malta, effectivley binding the Knights to the island. The city was designed by Francesco Lapparelli, while many of the most important buildings were built by Gerolamo Cassar.

After the Knights and the brief French interlude, the next building boom in Valletta occured during the British rule. Gates were widened, buildings demolished and rebuilt, houses widned and civic projects installed: However the whole city and its infrastructure were damaged by air raids in World War II, notably losing its majestic opera hosue constructed at the city entrance in the 19th century. The city contains various historic cafes, meeting places, resturants, banks, hotels and Goverment offices. There are also public gardens which offer fantastic views of the Grand Harbour and other surroundings.

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